Axis Bra White

Axis Bra White

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Made with White handmade French Lace, a stretch white satin waist band, satin strap detailing, and satin adjustable shoulder straps with additional chest strap detail. 

This bra will be your favorite low cut shirts best friend!

Detail: Hook and 3- Eye Closure, Satin stretch elastic, and adjustable shoulder straps

          SIZING                     Bust Width/Stretch 

  • X-Small: (A-cup)             25"- 32"                  
  • Small: (A-small B cup)    26" -34"                     
  • Medium: (B-C cup)         28" - 36"                
  • Large: (D-cup)                30"- 38"                       

X-Large or custom sizing is available upon request as special order (no extra charge)

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