EastnWest founders, designers and sisters Brittany and Madison Cerullo grew up surrounded by a family of designers, creators and innovators. With exposure at a young age to showrooms, design offices, and trade shows all over the world, they became quite familiar with the industry. They were always in complete awe and admiration of art and fashion and the business of it all, and they knew thats where they wanted to be. Both sisters later moved from their home of Orange County, CA to New York City to pursue their interests at Parsons, the New School for Design. Madison majored in fashion design, while Brittany majored in illustration.

During their time in New York, they found themselves wondering about the things they always looked for in stores, but never found -- the perfect silk button-up, oversized scarves that didn't scratch, soft bras that still provided support, and of course, the go-to classic cotton Tshirt. They wanted to fill their own closets with cool, comfortable clothes and realized it was time to create all these missing wardrobe essentials for themselves. They decided to make a line that was affordable without compromising style and quality. EastnWest was born.

They put their creative talents together to begin what is now their minimal, cool and comfortable label, EastnWest.

They wanted apparel you can wear anywhere. Going back and forth between New York and California coasts for many years, they had to deal with an excess of clothes suitable for both climates.  EasntWest is basically all of that….but in one simple, classic line. Every piece serves more than one purpose in an outfit, or can be worn several different ways. They are your wardrobe staples. The pieces that will never leave your closet. The pieces that will go with you easily at anytime, from one coast to the next.

We hope you love the line as much as we do!